About Acupuncture

All the questions we get asked about acupuncture on a daily basis are answered here. If you have any other questions please contact us and we can add more articles for you.

About TCM

Interested in traditional Chinese medicine and the theory behind acupuncture? We have written articles explaining the traditional roles of each of the organ systems, seen through a modern lens.

Seasonal living for health and wellbeing

Adapting our lifestyle to match the seasons is one of the best ways to maintain health, according to traditional Chinese medical texts. Food is medicine and can help or hinder our body's ability to adapt to the changing and sometimes hostile, environment around us. Find out what kind of foods will nourish you throughout each of the seasons, and how you can adapt your lifestyle to maintain your health.

Courses and Resources

We have many first aid courses suitable for anyone looking to gain a first aid qualification.

We have also created an online course for acupuncture students looking to set up in practice and offer tutoring to support you during and after your acupuncture studies.