Becoming Carbon Positive

Ecologi Tree Planting

Find out what projects we support, how many trees we have planted, and our carbon positive impact. We are doing our bit for a sustainable future for the planet. You can also donate trees to add to the 'Mango' forest, or better yet, sign up and make your own business climate positive!

Reducing Plastic Use

Unfortunately, the widespread necessity for PPE has increased the use of disposable plastic in all healthcare settings. To combat this, we have made a change from the use of plastic acupuncture needle guide tubes to bamboo (while still remaining sterile). We have also adopted the use of compostable cornstarch-based products for our disposable aprons and bin bags. We are always thinking of more ways to reduce the use of plastic and find alternatives.

Infographic describing small changes acupuncturists can make to reduce plastic waste such as eco-friendly needles, cornstarch bin bags and PPE, and signing up to Ecologi to offset carbon emissions.