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Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, however there are no needles involved! Where acupuncture stimulates the body using application of needles to puncture the skin, acupressure seeks to do the same with the application of pressure.

Acupressure can be thought of as a type of massage, that mainly focuses on the thumbs, fingers and elbows to apply pressure.

Acupressure is very good at easing muscular aches and pains. Mainly because it’s very good at increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation(1), pain(2) and encouraging the repair of muscular injuries.(2) 

Not just this but it’s actually pretty relaxing as well, and we can use acupressure for any health related concern, just as we can use acupuncture. Our online guided acupressure sessions aim to teach you how to locate the points most useful to you and how to stimulate them.

We offer online guided acupressure sessions for £20 and they last 30-45 mins. Alternatively you can now book in-person acupressure sessions which include an individualised acupressure massage and guidance on how to locate and stimulate the most useful points.

We offer in-person acupressure sessions for £45 and they last 45 mins.

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