Emma's Story

So, Mangos, juicy and delicious right? Also makes a surprisingly good second name as it turns out. Hi, I'm Emma Mango!

I've been performing acupuncture and TCM since graduating with a BScHons degree in Acupuncture in 2012. I've helped people with everything from back pain and sciatica to infertility and depression.

So, what's my name and where do I come from? Well Cilla, my interest in acupuncture began after developing Meniere's disease when I was young. For those of you unfamiliar, Meniere's is a chronic condition affecting the ear, symptoms include vertigo, tinnitus, nausea and eventually... Permanent deafness.

Now, permanent deafness being about as unappealing as it can get for a teenager, we sought out every treatment possible. However 'chronic' conditions are treated as just that. chronic, latin for 'very irritating thing that doesn't go away, ever'.

As a desperate stroke we started trying various alternative medicines. I went to a local acupuncturist and after several sessions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, I actually began to improve - not just halting progression - but actual tangible improvement.

Couldn't believe it, not only had we managed to stop the progression of my hearing loss, but actually make it better!

So, long story short, I'm not deaf, I completely recovered. And now I've been inspired to help others who suffer the same. Thus why I became an acupuncturist - and a damn good one if I don't say so myself.

Let me be clear. This story isn't meant to try and push an agenda of 'acupuncture solves everything, ever, buy buy buy!' because it doesn't, I understand how incredibly fortunate I am that by some miracle I've managed to ditch a kicker of a disease. It's meant to help you (the probably bored of reading patient) see how much this means to me, and how seriously I take your care.

I also understand the stigma around acupuncture et al. Now I'm not going to judge you for being skeptical or suspicious because there is a lot of faux science stuff out there, unfortunately.

What I will say that there is real and tangible science behind these treatments, I don't figure out the extensive and detailed treatment plans after carefully examining someones crease lines in their hand (unless by some bizarre coincidence they have a problem with their crease lines [technical term]). I figure it out after examining the injury, cross-referencing it with other treatment plans and medical journals, then overlaying it with my experience and knowledge as a qualified and educated acupuncturist.

If you're still not convinced, not only will I walk everything through with you, but I'll also help you understand just what's happening, and the why behind the treatment. So c'mon, drop me and give it a try.

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Now you've heard about me I want to hear about you, get in touch today and we can book you in for a treatment.

“I felt very comfortable and at ease talking about my condition and Emma showed care and understanding” - Marina Carter

“Emma told me all about the procedure which made me relax, I’d never had acupuncture before. Looking forward to the next one” - Kyriacos Adamou

“I felt great, I was able to ride my bike home with no pain. It feels even better today in work, going up and down the stairs, so bring on the next sessions!” - Neil Field