Joan’s Story

Improving mobility in a care home setting

My elderly mum has recently moved into a care home in Cheshire from her own home. She has severely reduced mobility as a result of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia combined with arthritis in her hips and knees.

As well as limiting her movement, the arthritis was causing her significant pain. It was becoming increasingly hard to take mum outside which was impacting on her physical and mental wellbeing, compounding her mobility challenges. She had always lived a very outdoors lifestyle and has hugely benefitted from being surrounded by the natural world.

Mum has had a knee replacement and has also had nerve blocks and steroid injections for her arthritis. In addition, she has over-the- counter pain killers. Further joint replacements aren’t practical for Mum as her dementia prevents her doing the rehab. Strong pain-killers make her very drowsy and over-the-counter painkillers weren’t helping her as much as she wants.

Mum had previously had acupuncture and found it very helpful. Given Mum’s mobility issues we needed an acupuncturist who would visit her in her home which Mango did.

Mum had three one-hour sessions of acupuncture. Her mobility has improved immediately, she is much more able to transfer between car and wheelchair or to get to the toilet. She is also in less pain. Mum’s carers have also noticed an immediate and significant improvement.

We hope to book further courses.


Acupuncture Treatment Information

Joan's treatment was focussed on moving stagnated energy in the knees and hips. This involved the use of acupuncture points ST34, 35, 36, LIV8, SP10, and XiYan. All these points surround the knee and are used to help with painful conditions of the knee as well as increasing energy levels. In addition to the needling, I also used very light TuiNa massage on the hip, lower back, and legs to relieve any muscular tension. 

To be able to help Joan with the pain and improve her mobility so quickly was extremely rewarding and I hope she continues to benefit from the treatment.