How many acupuncture sessions do you need?

Determining how many acupuncture sessions you might need is not an exact science. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, so we always recommend at least 3 sessions before deciding whether or not it is working for you.

We believe that in most cases, if you have 5 regular weekly sessions and see no improvement at all, acupuncture may not be the best therapy for you. Saying that, when I first began acupuncture treatment for my own major health issues, I didn’t see improvement for around 2 or 3 months and even had some worsening of my symptoms (which I was advised may happen).

Everyone is an individual and it takes the body time to adjust naturally, and initiate the healing process. The goal is to encourage the body to return to health naturally through stimulating the nervous system.

Acupuncture isn’t a quick fix, but it aims to create long-lasting health benefits even after your treatment course ends.

The average number of sessions my clients have is six, but some clients see improvement in one session. Others are up to their 100th session because they see the benefit in using acupuncture for maintaining good health.

You might see quick results if:

  • You have a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • You have only recently become ill
  • You have a recent acute injury

You might need more sessions if:

  • You have a poor diet and lifestyle e.g. no exercise, inflammatory diet (lots of sugar)
  • Your work or home environment is stressful
  • You’ve suffered with your health for many years
  • Your ill health has progressed into more serious health concerns
  • You ignored an injury hoping it would get better on its own while continuing as normal, and now the area doesn’t function properly eg. You fell off a ladder and landed on your back but carried on lifting things and going about as normal, taking painkillers. Now the pain is chronic, your back is stiff, and you don’t want to be taking painkillers for the rest of your life.
  • You can’t commit to regular weekly sessions
  • You find it hard to implement any diet or lifestyle changes we recommend

Even though you may fall into the ‘treatment may take longer’ category, it doesn’t mean acupuncture isn’t worth trying. You might see quick results if you have an acute injury and get it seen to right away, however, if you’re suffering from chronic illness, acupuncture might give you the boost you need to cope and improve your health in general. 90% of my clients fall into this category, as did I when I first started having acupuncture sessions.

You might feel like there’s nothing else that can be done for you, or you’ve tried everything and you’re at your wit's end. If that is you – I’ve been there – and acupuncture is definitely worth a go. But you’ll only see if it can help you if you commit to at least 3-5 regular sessions.