The best things in life are free!

Well, it's not free, but Mango multibed aims to be as affordable as physically possible with sessions offered for £20. With the average cost of acupuncture treatment around £50, it's a real bargain.



Mango multibed is situated right in the heart of Chester city centre. It's a 15 minute stroll from the train station, and an easy 10 minutes from the bus station. By car, the closest car park is the Grosvenor Shopping Centre (fees apply!).


At Mango Acupuncture, we use Traditional Chinese acupuncture. This is an ancient medicine, involving the insertion of needles into specific points which aim to reduce pain and increase your sense of wellbeing...

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What is a Multibed clinic?

Put simply... a clinic with multiple beds! To make acupuncture more widely available for everyone to enjoy  - a community style multibed clinic allows for more than one client to be seen at once, and the costs saved by doing this are passed onto you.

All the beds at the clinic are separated by privacy screens, and treatment won't require you to remove any clothing (be sure to wear loose clothing!). Most people find the atmosphere very supportive - everyone's in the same boat!

We can offer private sessions, subject to availability, if you're a little shy.

Where 's the clinic?

Mango multibed is set up in a treatment space in CH1 Fitness, the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Chester. To get here, you can buzz yourself into the gym from the main entrance in the shopping centre, we're on the second floor. When you find the gym, someone will be there to greet you, and I will come and meet you in the reception area when I have a free bed.

How does it work?

First, we'll talk about your medical history and what you'd like help with. Then you can hop on a bed and we'll start treatment. I'll leave you to relax while the needles do their job, and you enjoy some much needed you-time. I encourage you to bring your headphones so you're not disturbed by your fellow patients snoring... 20-30 minutes later, I'll check up on you and take the needles out - although I'll always be pottering about the treatment room so you can grab my attention if you need to. By then, you'll be super relaxed, on the road to recovery, and set up to enjoy the rest of your day.

How much does it cost?

At the multibed, there's a sliding pay scale, where you are encouraged to pay what you can afford, with a minimum of £20 per session. This can be paid by cash or card.

When can I come in?

The clinic will be running on a Thursday from 9am til 7pm only (for now..!), walk-ins are welcome but please be aware that you may have to wait 20-30 minutes - don't worry there is free tea and coffee!

So why not pop in on your lunch break, for a quick 30 minute acu-pick-me-up session, or drop by after a particularly stressful day at work... I know retail is not easy!

Switch off and unplug with us and let's see if we can address those niggling health issues too.

Alternatively, you can book your slot in advance by filling out the contact form, on the Facebook page, or by contacting me directly.



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Kirsty Evans

Dip. L.Ac MAcS TCM

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